INNOWIN Nylon Pony Mid Back Chair for Office & Home

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  • Breathable mesh allows air to circulate while sitting.

  • Adjustable armrest and an adaptable height.

  • Strong and Lightweight chair.

  • Good Lumbar support.

Product Features

Product Features

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The INNOWIN pony midback Chair is one of the good moving best office chair in India and hence in our list. It is a chair with a basic regular shape and design. It is very effective and fits to be a very good office chair where we can sit for long hours without any back pain. As with many good ergonomic office chairs, it has very good armrests, height adjustments, tilt, breathable back mesh and thick seat. All the materials used are of good quality and it is main components are plastic-nylon based which makes it strong to take 100 kgs of weight.  It weighs around 20Kgs and is easy to handle. It assembling is very simple as with every Nylon based weightless chair. The overall quality is very good for its price and it is one of the goods brands that manufacture office chairs. You don't have to hesitate or think too much before making a decision to buy this chair. 

The Good(Pros)

  • Good for long working hours

  • Has a high back with breathable mesh

  • Very Lightweight and very strong as well.

  • Easy handling

The Bad(Cons)

-Comparatively fewer features compared to its top model called INNOWIN Henry that is on our list of top chairs and cost around 17K.