INNOWIN Berlin Ergonomic Office Chair 

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  • Breathable mesh allows air to circulate while sitting.

  • Adjustable armrest, adjustable height, Adjustable headrest

  • Lumbar support.

  • High back with thick seat

Product Features

Product Features

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A trendy-looking good chair and a good brand with a good degree of comfort for working long hours. It has all the features of a good ergonomic chair. Very good for tall people. It is quite spacious and has good back support too. All materials are of good quality. Good adjustable armrests, headrest. Overall a good-looking quality chair and hence in our list.

The Good(Pros)

  • Good for long working hours

  • Strong built up.

  • Good Lumbar Support.

  • Good resale value

The Bad(Cons)

- Price on the higher side.