Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series.png
  • Very Strong and Durable

  • Very Good Airflow and better airflow than a leather chair

  • Adjustable neck/head pillow, padding to give comfort to your neck.

  • Very Spacious.

  • Adjustable armrests, Height, backrest angle up to 180 Degrees

Product Features

Green Soul Office chair_1.jpg
Green Soul Office chair_1_1.jpg


We have decided to add this chair in our list because it is one of the best chairs that you can buy for your home office for under 20000. It is an awesome chair if you sit in front of the computer for a long time. Extremely comfortable with the 4D armrest, Lumbar Cushion, and neck cushion. The scope of back pain is extremely unlikely if you sit in the right posture. It is very sturdy strong and comes with a 3 Year warranty. The wheels are of great quality and the stand is metal so it can take some serious weight. The product is absolutely a premium product and the price is completely justified. It is a serious premium product which you can buy without any hesitation.

The Good(Pros)

  • Long-Lasting and sturdy

  • Very comfortable

  • Good for working for long hours

  • Very good quality

  • Multi-purpose Usage

  • Has a very good resale value.

  • 3 Years Warranty

The Bad(Cons)

-Cost is on the higher side but it is compromised by quality and numerous features.